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permanent plastics & forever chemicals + ephemeral fabrics & natural detritus

traumatic residue & horrific thoughts + heavenly dreams & balanced energy

95% of materials used are up/re-cycled, bought secondhand


philosophy of reusing and recycling til nothing remains


embracing the dogmas of the avant-garde 

trying to disengage my art from the capitalist supply chain

trying to materialize the best part of everything – that which does not exist in its own form

visions of peace and balance and oneness and calm

airing out the chaos the trauma the misery and the unintentional

clearing out the subconscious, the closets

leaving space for the intentional and the synchronous

worshipping the craft of the handmade

meditation with a needle and thread

everything is an altar

obsessing over compulsions

memorializing patterns

making odes to death

trying to grieve

candle wax

natural dyes

dead leaves

dried limes, oranges


hot pink


dreaming of a personal and collective future synonymous to a past where no traces are left 

trying to actualize an energy an idea of an ultimate vision

everything is a poem





For inquiries about purchases, commissions, etc., please email or use the contact form below. 

Thank you <3

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